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Vacuum Ion Metal Coating Machine

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  • MaterialStainless Steel 304
  • Size1800 * 2000 * 0 mm
  • Weight3000 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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Product Detail Information


Product Introduction:



Power: 145-165kw

Occupied Area: 25-55m²

Arc Source: 18-26sets

Coating Film: Decorative Coating

Advantage: High ionization rate, high deposition rate,stability and low temperature to magnetron

sputtering, fine particles, simple operation,high yield etc.



1.  hardware industry (sanitary ware, door handles, handle, door locks etc.)

2.  decoration industry (stair handrail)

3.  household appliances  (logo lable,signs)

4.  stainless steel products (exhibition shelf, frame)


Color: gold, rose gold, black gold, silver, champagne gold,sapphire blue, black, etc.

Coating: TiN,CrN,ZrN,TiCN,TiCrN,TiNC,TiALN and DLC

Remark: Specially tailored according to customers’ products and process requirements.


Working Principle:

The Cathode combine with the Anode to form the arc discharge in vacuum environment, then release the ion from the Cathode. Due to the concentration of the current, It will produce the heat which will make the material plasma. The plasma react with the gas under the action of the sputter bombardment, to be coated at the surface of the products.